Replacement battery for Chord Mojo


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Batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan,

The Chord mojo is a device that get quite hot and people tend to leave it pluged in all the time. Such condition is not exactly ideal for the battery, it is higly likely that after some years it may start to swell.

If you own a mojo that is few years old we advice to open it and check.

Swollen battery present different risks :

  • The main risk being fire (although the Mojo enclosure should contain it, it would broke the device for good)
  • One other risk that you may not think about is that a swollen battery may apply pressure on the delicate PCB of the Mojo which could damage it.

This battery is not a official replacement but will work just as well for a fraction of the price.

It fit in the groove milled on the top part of the case where the old battery sit. It is really a pop and drop replacement. You should not need to replace the old adhesive.

To open the Mojo you will need a small allen key or screwdriver, a torx bit shall work.