Medium size headphone case with cutted foam


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If you’re an audiophile, then you know that your headphones are a crucial part of your listening experience. And just like any other piece of audio equipment, they need to be protected from the elements. That’s where a headphone case comes in.

A headphone case will keep your headphones safe from dust, dirt, and moisture. It will also protect them from being crushed or damaged in transit. And if you’re really serious about your audio, a case can even help to improve the sound quality of your headphones by preventing unwanted vibrations.

So if you’re an audiophile, make sure to invest in a good headphone case. It will keep your headphones safe and sound for years to come.


Sennheiser : HD700 HD660S HD650 HD600 HD598 HD598CS HD598SE HD559 HD569 HD599 HD558 HD518 HD449 HD439 HD429 HD419 HD418 HD428 HD438 HD448 HD8 DJ HD6
AKG: K550, K551, K545, K845BT
Ultrasone: EDM ED8 ED5..
Beyerdynamic: CUSTOM ONE PRO DTX910 DTX710 DT990 DT990PRO DT880 DT880PRO DT860 DT770PRO DT660 DT440 T1 T1 II T90 T70 T70P T5P DT770 DT1990
Philips: SHP9500, SHP8000/10, X1, X1S, X2, X2HR, L2BO, A1, A5PRO, SHX50


  • Made from high-quality EVA material scratch and shock-proof, hard box,
  • Lined with velvet fabric, soft and scratch-proof.
  • External size: 24.5 X 21 X 10.5cm